The Bursary Fund: supporting education

A King’s Education is a gift for life but we know that it is not within reach of all those who could benefit from it. That is why we currently spend £2m on supporting those who cannot afford full fees, and this sum is likely to grow. We are proud to retain a broad intake to ensure all of our pupils become well-rounded, thoughtful and informed adults. 

Kent Awards: a new approach

King’s remains the top choice day option for families in Canterbury and the area around the City. Making sure that all prospective pupils who have talents to bring to the King’s stage, can come to the School, whatever the financial reality of their families, is the main aim of the Kent Awards.

Bursary awards are given to those who pass our means-testing criteria and are considered able to take full advantage of the opportunities at King’s as well as make a contribution to the wider King’s community.

Kent Awards will be offered initially to two pupils in Year 7 and two in Year 12. If they do not require 100% bursaries, additional beneficiaries may be supported, with the minimum award being 50%.

To make a gift to the Bursary Fund, please click here to give online  or download a donation form here.  

To get involved or to find out how you can support this scheme, please contact our Director of Development:

Kate Chernyshov (nee Kelly), OKS
01227 595670 or 07731 864461

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